With a background in choreography and environmental science, I am an interdisciplinary artist working in a blend of mediums and genres from live sound and movement performance, to data visualization, film, interactive media installations, virtual reality, writing, audio walks and participatory theater. 


My working environment is multi-centered and collaborative, existing between various geographical landing places and zshaw studio, the embodied digital art and design collective I founded drawing on and drawing together the extended community of artists, engineers, improvisers and change makers I've been collaborating with around the world for many years including animator Maria Palazzi, choreographers Bebe Miller, William Forsythe and Thomas Hauert and music artists Marc Ainger and Byron Au Yong. 

Working with movement, improvisation, sound, image, data, philosophy, community and the world around me, my recurring theme is mobility, the crossing of seemingly fixed divisions and the convergence of disparate ideas.


My influences range from the systems theories of computer science and ecology to the wanderings of the situationists and irreverence of the Dadas, the radical inclusion and boundary dissolving practices of dance improvisation, intercultural and queer studies, the sublime contemplation of the world's wisdom traditions, aesthetic iterative play of design and architecture, and the vibrance of performance.

My work has exhibited worldwide including Centre Pompidou, Sadler's Wells London, Hebbel Theater Berlin, Taipei Arts Festival, Wyoming Gallery NYC, Spring Dance Utrecht and the Chicago Humanities Festival, has toured as an Excellence Project of the Goethe Institute, has won numerous awards and features in books, journals and press and finds its largest community and ongoing audience online.

I frequently consult on multimedia facilities and archive development as well as interdisciplinary research and curriculum design for others seeking to foster collaboration and innovation in technology and embodied practices. Clients include Barnard, University of Alabama, Scripps College, and the University of Southern California. I serve on the Board of Advisors for the ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado.

Today, my work continues to explore artist-driven responses to climate change and the needs and challenges of contemporary life and livability. 


Short Bio:

Norah Zuniga Shaw is an artist, performer and creative director best known for her award-winning digital projects for physical ideas including Synchronous Objects with William Forsythe. Focusing on creative approaches to livable futures, her most recent works address climate change through dance and computer music improvisation. She is director of dance and technology at the Ohio State University where she teaches interdisciplinary research, improvisation and intermedia.

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