creative technologies, aging and dance

Christian Soriano was in residence with me this week in the Motion Lab at OSU bringing her unique mix of choreographic play, intergenerational improvisation and neuroscience research into the importance of dance for well being throughout the lifespan. Highlights include a community dance session at the Champion Intergenerational Center and a workshop with a big group of young students interested in connecting dance and community activism. We also hosted 25 collaborators from nursing, medicine, design, dance and theater in a "sandbox collaboration" session to develop ideas for new virtual reality applications to enhance well-being for elders and those dealing with cognitive decline.

humane technologies

Much of life of recent days has been taken up with work to make better futures by inviting artists, scientists and scholars to create humane technologies, to intervene in the inhumane drive and visions of our collective global future. Our website has many examples of prototypes that foreground bodily awareness, meaningful social connection, personal agency and compassion. In our first year we focused on a radically inclusive notion of life and livability in the 21st century and this year we focus on well-being and an ethics of care. As Seth Godin says, we are all called in whatever we do to be artists, to create in ways that matter to other people.

walking with the problem of the human

In collaboration with co-conspirators in the humanities I have been involved in ongoing discussions and artist happenings engaging the problem of the human in our work on humane technologies, human rights and climate change. We seek to wrestle to decenter the human in our work to be more inclusive of non-human and artificial life while still having care of human life and suffering and wellbeing. Our first meeting was a series of three flash talks and facilitated public dialog in small groups. Today we met again for a "reading room" with visiting scholars, Birgit Kaiser and Kathrin Thiele, who are the inspiration for this event in enumerable ways. They are two of the editors and contributors

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