intermedia spacemaking

Each autumn I have the delight of teaching Intermedia to dance students in ACCAD's Motion Lab with my creative and life partner Oded Huberman. Each week we create three hour workshops where we delve into the liberatory genre-bending, attention deepening spaces of intermedia and build a creative community that fosters research through play, risk taking and personal responsibility. And each week the students are also given time in the Lab to work with each other and mentors to develop projects exploring deep integration of moving body and moving image and the issues of power, attention, identity, authorial control, audience engagement, sensation, visual integration and movement qualities and m

performing precarity

This week marks another focused residency for the lecture on climate change project with Marc Ainger and Ann Stimson of the laptop ensemble, dancers Claire Melbourne, Lexi Stilianos and Laura Rodriguez, Oded Huberman on percussion and lights, and DJ Dorian Ham. Pushing improvisatory states to the extreme of 'not knowing' we are seeking to perform precarity to such an extent that audiences are given an opportunity to experience in the moment with us--the underlying uncertainty that characterizes our lives in these volatile times. This project is part of our larger Humane Technologies focus on performance this year and interest in fostering well-being and an ethics of care. By 'turning toward'

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