humane stories and psychorealism

I had a great conversation last week with animator Chris Landreth in advance of his residency at OSU for the Humane Technologies collaboration I'm heading up. Landreth is animator of great empathy and creativity and his work suggests the vast potential for computer graphics beyond the photorealism that dominates most of what we see in the theaters. We talked about his work, empathy, storytelling and virtual reality and he reminded me that as I work toward humane and compassionate goals what has to stay at the center is the making practice, in his case, the storytelling. A nice crisp edited version of our conversation is available on OSU's website and here's my complete unabridged version: ​

community movement for wellbeing

Working in community dance contexts with elders and intergenerational groups is a source of great joy for me and deeply embedded in who I am. Growing up, I was a part of my mother, Alana Shaw's wonderful community dance theater troupe (Turning the Wheel Productions) that she founded when I was a teenager and has now grown to a national nonprofit with hubs in several cities and a broader mission of both art making and, frankly, spiritual healing. If you don't know their work yet, check out Alana's two wonderful books "Dancing our Way Home," a workbook chock full of ideas and movement games that are incredibly helpful for anyone making dances and leading classes with all kinds of community gro

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