art + love + ethics of care

bell hooks' wonderful almost 20 year old text all about love offers a powerful critique of the loss of love in contemporary culture and feels all the more apt today in the context of flourishing hate speech in our capital, online and in so many day to day interactions. She places the blame squarely at the foot of patriarchy and re-reading her work all these years later, I find it still relevant and perhaps even more so. In her text hooks calls for "living a love ethic" and the aspiration of this call describes the heart of the humane technologies network and our concern for a radically inclusive approach to notions of livability and wellbeing. This permeates our work in small personal ways a

dancing outside

Spring has me thinking about dancing outside again and the wonderful two day visit Jennifer Monson made to us here in Ohio. It also has me wanting to create a new artist walk in the Ohio prairie. My family and I spent a morning up at Larry and Elaine Smith’s prairie restoration project in Butler County again this month. It is always an oasis for us and this time they needed volunteers to help with the prairie burn—a process that will renew life and allow for important seed germination and regrowth. Each time I’m there I feel inspired to give more people a special sense of this place and other sites of what Frances Moore Lappe calls “solution stories” amidst ecological crisis. The Smiths' wor

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