Growing Interdisciplinary Practices

Photo Credit: inFORM by the MIT Tangible Media Group and ATLAS faculty, Daniel Leithinger and friends I just spent a couple of wonderful days at the University of Colorado, Boulder as a member of the advisory board for the Atlas Institute. Atlas describes itself as an "interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention." They seek to synthesize design and technology to amplify innovation in engineering and the arts. They are a wonderful group of creative engineers and are certainly an allied research community for the work we do at Ohio State at ACCAD. I am passionate about interdisciplinary practices and am always looking for ways to be of service in growing cultures of abunda

The Body in Code

Over the summer, the Centre Pompidou in Paris mounted an ambitious exhibition Coder le Monde/Coding the World, presenting the history and current state of contemporary digital creation in different disciplines. The curators write “returning to the history of the digital code and the way in which artists have seized it since the advent of the computer in the 1960s, the exhibition reveals a common aesthetic and critical universe that questions our daily life entirely irrigated by digital logics. The exhibition exposes multiple correspondences in the logic of creation and offers a global readability of what constitutes a culture of the digital.”This group show included very detailed timelines o

Livable Futures

Photo credit: Andre M. Zachery, Renegade Performance Group. Photo: Ian Douglas. Our work on Humane Technologies included a Pop-Up Collaboration focused on livable futures and posthuman (not anti-human) visions for live and livability in this century. That work has now received new funding to grow in relationship to projects in environmental humanities and human rights and we are very excited to be supporting a fabulous roster of new projects as well as doing our own research and programming. Our website is live and will be getting more and more interesting as the weeks go on, check it out here:​ Livable Futures fosters creative, collective thinking and doin

Mobilizing the Archive

"A flow of information is generated by bodies in motion; this becomes data once it is recorded and stored, by ourselves or by others, either with or without our consent and technologies felt like a beacon to inner states, making them vulnerable to detection, tracking, recording and analysis. By whom? I couldn’t say with any specificity, but the power dynamics [are] impossible to ignore, and as a long-time feminist (concerned with agency) and phenomenologist (concerned with corporeal experience), I [find] myself unwilling to peel away the last layers of unintelligibility, of protection, existing between inner bodily states and total transparency in the face of the ever-expa

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