Performances, Invited Exhibitions & Interactive Media Works: 


Climate Gathering (performance ritual for livable futures)

Creator and performer


Movement Lab, New York City, NY

Gabri Christa, Director


Motion Lab, Columbus, OH

Transmedia communal performance rituals performed monthly in Columbus, OH and touring to NYC, Australia and New Zealand in 2020

Livable Futures

Co-creator and Director for growing international network of artists, scholars and activists seeking to foster creative solutions to survival under planetary conditions of unpredictability and crisis. Livable Futures projects are collaborative; they integrate artistic, scientific and humanistic methods and practices; and they are inclusive and socially responsive. Ongoing creative projects include:

  PODCAST AND AUDIO WALKS (forthcoming 2020)

  Discussions and guided walks with artists offering sensory and creative responses to planetary change and crisis

  Guests include: Complex Movements, Kelly Klein, Michael Morris, Candace Thompson CURB, Amy Youngs


  Transmedia performance rituals turning toward climate change and feeling into action

  GRANT PROGRAM for new exhibitions and artworks

  We have funded more than 20 interdisciplinary exhibitions, artworks and creative workshops: read more here

Group Exhibition: Coding the World / Mutation and Creations

Synchronous Objects selected HD animations and images in gallery timeline: “The Body in Code”

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Curator: Frederic Migayrou


Well of Pearls

Creative Producer

Choregoraphy by Andre M Zachery

Motion Lab, Columbus, OH



Performer and co-creator

Motion Lab, Columbus, OH

Intermedia performance with Ohad Fishof and Noa Zuk, humane action, using what's at hand

Humane Technology Virtual Reality Prototype

Creator and Director of two-year humane technology initiative including virtual and mixed reality projects foregrounding an ethics of care, full-bodied movement, open-ended play, personal agency, critical engagement and meaningful social connection. My focus has included facilitation and fostering collaboration as well as development of prototypes including:



  Created and funded new annual artist residency for MFA students to work with the Champion Intergenerational Center, a public sector organization

  dedicated to adult day services and early childhood education. Projects include biophilic design and go-prop story telling.


  MOVEMENT STORM creative collaboration facilitation

  Writing jam and collaboration catalyst for more effective brainstorming.

  Included in the summary proceedings for the Artistic Doctorates in Europe project


  METHOD OF LOCI mixed reality collaboration space

  Virtual Reality experience, multi-scaled integrated sandbox for collaborative meaning making

  Created with Alan Price et al.:


  BIRDBOT Virtual Reality flyover game

  Virtual Reality full-bodied movement interface for creative play

  Created with Alice Grischenko et al.: and


Albatross: Real Time Motion Capture Performance

Motion Lab, Columbus, OH

Co-creator with animator Vita Berezina Blackburn. Scored improvisation for two dancers, real-time motion capture and headlines of

ebola crisis and extreme events occurring globally.

Watch here:


Let’s Make Climate Change 

Rife Center, Columbus, OH

Social engagement, youth, climate change, student performers.

Choreography, intermedia design and direction of group work for faculty concert; 12 students engaging climate change, climate justice, and ecological inheritances and futures through the body

Watch full work


Hygiene Museum, Dresden, Germany

Installation for Dance! Moves that Move Us! Curator: Colleen Schmitz


Motion Bank: TWO…the thinking body and dancing mind

Interactive media, motion capture animation, video and information graphics

Published online Nov. 28: 50k+ clicks

Creative Directors: Norah Zuniga Shaw and Maria Palazzi

Created for Motion Bank, an initiative of The Forsythe Company and the German Federal Cultural Foundation with additional funding from The Ohio State University.

Launched at the Frankfurt Lab, Germany with extensive press in Germany including the Frankfurt Allgemeine



Group Exhibition: SYNERGY

Synchronous Objects

Simon Center Gallery: Stony Brook University, NY USA

Curator: Flo Tarjan


Solo Exhibition

Synchronous Objects

BUDA Art Center: Kortrijk, Belgium

Curator: Jonas Rutgeerts


Solo Exhibition

Wyoming Gallery, Goethe Institute: New York City, NY USA

Objects in Performance, Curator: Wenzel Bilger

Featured: New York Times, ART BEAT




Solo Exhibition

Synchronous Objects three part installation

Goethe Institute: Ankara, Turkey

Curator: Dr. Thomas Lier

Solo Exhibition

Synchronous Objects three part installation

Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan: Bangalore, India

Curator: Petra Roggel


Solo Exhibition: Algorithmic Reflections of Choreography Exhibition and Performances

Synchronous Objects two part installation

POGON Jedinstvo Theatre: Zagreb, Croatia

Curator: BADCo


William Forsythe Choreographic Objects Exhibition  

Synchronous Objects two part installation

Taipei Arts Festival: Taipei, Taiwan 



Featured artwork, Group Exhibition: International Symposium on Electronic Arts

Degrees of Unison 5 part multi-channel sound and video installation

PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany

ISEA2010 and European Cultural Capital: RUHR 2010

Curator: Andrea Broeckmann


Group Exhibition: Digital Incarnate 

Synchronous Objects

Columbia College: Chicago, IL


San Francisco Dancefilm Festival: San Francisco, CA USA



Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced

Interactive video, information graphics, software tools, and animation

Published online April 1:  1 million+ clicks

Creative Directors: Norah Zuniga Shaw, Maria Palazzi and William Forsythe

Funded by The Forsythe Foundation, Battelle Endowment, and The Ohio State University

Selected Awards:

Selected Features:



In Six Points

EMMA Lab, Columbus, OH

Choreography for trio performance in interactive sound environment exploring vectors of conflict



DNA Unbound

COSI (Center for Science and Industry) Children's Museum

Collaborating artist with biologist Susan Fisher and animator Vita Berezina-Blackburn

Exhibit integrating biology, design, dance, and interactive media to teach science concepts

Dance and Media Installations

NEO Gallery, Columbus, OH

Mixed media performance installations developed during residencies in San Jose, Costa Rica and in the Netherlands at De Waag Society using The Living Map improvisation scores and processes


-Murmur for 5 Dancers. Dance improvisation with interactive sound environment using found sound and site-specific scores developed in urban and rural locations in Europe

-Found Dances. Small screen video dances for distinct ecosystems embedded in sculpture 

-In Dutch Time. Media installation in paper table on the passage of time in De Waag square

-Stop / Motion / Capture. Motion capture animation stills on large scale acetate sheets

Murmur: Burning Dreaming Rolling

International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), PLEX Theater: Copenhagen, Denmark                                   

Choreography for interactive sound performance created with composer Marc Ainger and cirque nouvelle performers, Jerome Thomas and Hyacinthe Reisch

View clips here:



Dances for Television: 3 Shorts

WOSU-TV (PBS) Channel 34, Columbus, OH

Choreography for television broadcast and online:

Watch here:

-Nearing (7 minute short) elder dancer Vera Blaine solo with motion capture animation

-Rhythm of Things (3 minute short) hip hop dancer awakens in an urban restored wetland

-I am, Dancer (4 minute short), intergenerational performers from throughout Columbus, OH 




Streets Called Home

United Nations Summit on Information Technology Gala Performance: Interactive theatre work with SMARTLab, Tunisia





NANO exhibit, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): Los Angeles, CA                                  

Choreography for six dancers in interactive media exhibition by Victoria Vesna

Costumes by fashion designer Isabel Toledo



Migration Songs

DVD featuring: Simone Forti, Peter Carpenter, and Marianne Kim

Creative direction and choreography for media project funded by the University of California Natural Reserve System, Irvine, CA including dancefilm and special features on migration patterns along the Pacific Flyway of the Americas

Public Speaking:


American Society for Environmental History, US

"Eco-Performance and Livable Futures"

Invited Plenary Panel


University of Alabama, Collaborative Arts Research Initiative, USA

Creative Research for Livable Futures

Invited Public Lecture and group facilitation to connect interdisciplinary faculty



Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Adie Convening, Chichester, UK

Master Class with Vida Midgelow. “Posthuman Entanglements: Practicing an Ethics of Care in Body Based Research”


MOCO: International Conference on Movement and Computing, Genoa, Italy

Practice session. “Humane Technology Movement Storm”


University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Transmission in Motion network convened by Professor Maaike Bleeker

Invited Public Lecture for launch


Maison de la creation, University of Grenoble and National Choreographic Center of Grenoble, France

Keynote: "Collaboration for Humane Technologies"

Princeton University: Princeton, NJ

Evnin Lecture: "What Else Might Physical Thinking Look Like?"

Denison University, Ohio

Keynote Mellon Lecture: "Dance, Data, Climate Changes"


University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Keynote: "Futures in Motion"


American Society for Theater Research Conference: Baltimore, MD

Theater Library Association Plenary: The Paradox of the Posthuman

Invited Plenary Presenter

New York University, Tisch and Performance Studies: New York City, NY USA

Fostering the Future of Dance in Higher Education Summit convened by Simon Dove & Karen Schupp


Emily Carr University of Art and Design: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Moving Stories Residency convened by Thecla Schiphorst

Keynote: “Choreographic Visualization in Motion Bank and Synchronous Objects”



New York University, Performance Studies: New York City, NY USA

Objects in Performance Symposium convened by Andre Lepecki

Keynote: “Choreographic Objects”



Harvard University: Boston, MA

Invited Lecturer. “Choreographic Objects”


ICK Amsterdam Research Center of Emio Greco EG/PC: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Beyond Series 2011

Master Class Instructor and Lecturer. “Choreographic Resources from Art and Science”


Goethe Institute : Tokyo, Japan

William Forsythe & Tatsumi Hijikata: Illustration of the Body Symposium and Workshops

Master Class Instructor with Christopher Roman (The Forsythe Company). “Systems and Scoring”

Invited Panelist. “Synchronous Objects and the Next Level of Imaginary Trace”


Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan: Bangalore, India

Synchronous Objects: Degrees of Unison gallery talks and workshops alongside exhibit

Master Class Instructor. “Intercultural Collaboration with Attalakkari Center for Movement Arts”

Gallery Talk.  “Synchronous Objects Workshop Demonstrations with Christine Burkle (Ballet Frankfurt) and the Attalakkari Dance Company dancers”


Taipei Arts Festival: Taipei, Taiwan

Choreographic Objects events alongside exhibition

Keynote Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects and Choreographic Objects.” Festival Opening Events

Master Class Instructor for professional engineers and students in design and animation


Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz/

Academy for Music and Dance: Cologne, Germany

Gender, Choreography, Media Conference:

Invited Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects, Crossing Borders and other Interdisciplinary Concerns”


Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln /Academy for Media Arts. Cologne, Germany

It’s a Life Series convened by Professor Marie-Luise Angerer

Invited Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects: It’s Life”


University of Basel, National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Eikones

Working Group for Iconic Criticism: Basel, Switzerland

Images of Animate Movement, Representations of Life Conference

Keynote Lecturer. “From Improvisation Technologies to Choreographic Objects”


Goethe Institute: Ankara, Turkey

Invited Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects and the Mobility of Dancing Ideas”


Goethe Institute: Budapest, Hungary

Invited Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects and Contrapuntal Collaboration”


Dance Tanc Iskola / Contemporary Dance Academy: Budapest, Hungary

Master Class Instructor for teachers and students in Masters program


Trofo Theater and The Workshop Foundation: Budapest, Hungary

Master Class Instructor for professional dancers


POGON Jedinstvo Theatre: Zagreb, Croatia

Algorithmic Reflections of Choreography Exhibition and Symposium curated by BADCo

Invited Panelist. “Synchronous Objects and Algorithmic Considerations”

Gallery Talk and Workshop instructor: “Choreographic Systems”



Chicago Humanities Festival: Chicago, IL USA


The Forsythe Company Frankfurt Lab: Frankfurt, Germany


"Degrees of Unison"

Goethe Institute: Beijing, China                               

Goethe Institute: Taipei, Taiwan

Goethe Institute: Tokyo, Japa


ICK Amsterdam Research Center of Emio Greco EG/PC: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Beyond Series 2010 

Master Class Instructor and Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects in the studio”


PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany

ISEA2010 International Symposium on Electronic Arts / RHUR 2010

Invited Lecturer with philosopher Erin Manning. “Synchronous Objects and Objects of Thought”


Tanzplatform/Dance Platform: Nuremburg, Germany

Invited Lecturer. “What Else Might This Dance Look Like?”


Folkwang Hochschule / Academy of Folkarts: Essen-Werden, Germany

Tanzplan Biennale: Rekonstruktion/Reconstruction

Invited Panelist for symposium and dance reconstruction convened by Gerald Siegmund

Master Class Instructor with Olga de Soto, Claudia Jeschke, Josephine Endicott (Pina Bausch), Alice Condodina (Jose Limon). “Synchronous Objects and Contemporary Dance Reconstruction”


Hampshire College, 5-College Dance Program: Amherst, MA USA

Invited Guest Lecturer. “What Else Might This Dance Look Like?”


Cornish College: Seattle, WA USA

Invited Guest Lecturer. “Synchronous Objects”


University of Washington DXArts and Department of Dance: Seattle, WA USA

Invited Guest Lecturer. “What Else Might This Dance Look Like?”


University of California, Irvine Department of Dance: Irvine, CA USA

BODY TECH: Symposium on Interactive Media and Embodied Performance

Invited Guest Lecturer and Master Classes Instructor. “What Else Might This Dance Look Like?”



TEDx Columbus: Columbus, OH USA


Tanzkongress 2009: No Step Without Movement Conference

Kampnagel: Hamburg, Germany


Anton Bruckner Private Universität and Ars Electronica: Linz, Austria

Challenging Music, Dance and Performance: The Electronic Media Symposium

Keynote Lecturer. “Visualizing Choreographic Information and Digital Mediums”


PACT Zollverein: Essen, Germany



Sadler’s Wells: London, UK

Focus on Forsythe: Choreographic Objects Exhibition

Invited Panelist with William Forsythe, Emio Greco, Siobhan Davies: “Synchronous Objects”


Spring Dance Festival: Utrecht, Netherlands

Inside Movement Knowledge Working Group Symposium


Wexner Center for the Arts: Columbus, OH

Transfigurations Symposium and Webcast

Moderator and Presenter. “Choreographic Objects”



University of California, Berkeley Department of Philosophy: Berkeley, CA USA

Invited Guest Lecturer with Alva Nöe. “Philosophical Issues in Synchronous Objects”


University of Aberdeen: Aberdeen, Scotland

Beyond Text: Choreographic Objects

Invited Participant Research Think Tank


Tanzplan Biennale: Berlin, Germany



Chicago Cultural Center: Chicago, IL USA

Peck School of the Arts: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee USA

Thinking Bodies and Unstable Systems: Visualizing Choreographic Thinking


CYBERARTS Festival: Boston, MA USA


SIGGRAPH 2009: New Orleans, LA USA

Information Aesthetics Panel Discussion




“Living in Counterpoint” Norah Zuniga Shaw. Handbook of Contemporary Ballet. Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.


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Available for preview:



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