Livable Futures

Photo credit: Andre M. Zachery, Renegade Performance Group. Photo: Ian Douglas.

Our work on Humane Technologies included a Pop-Up Collaboration focused on livable futures and posthuman (not anti-human) visions for live and livability in this century. That work has now received new funding to grow in relationship to projects in environmental humanities and human rights and we are very excited to be supporting a fabulous roster of new projects as well as doing our own research and programming. Our website is live and will be getting more and more interesting as the weeks go on, check it out here:​

Livable Futures fosters creative, collective thinking and doing in the context of planetary crisis and unpredictability. We start from the understanding that practices in the arts and humanities are uniquely positioned to create and model more desirable life worlds and to re-conceptualize and generate meaningful public dialog on our changing planetary conditions. We showcase the role of the arts and humanities in responding to the aesthetic, political and social realities wrought by planetary change and devastation. We enthusiastically take up scholar and activist Adrienne Maree Brown’s galvanizing question:

“How do we turn our collective full-bodied attention toward collaboration, if that is the way we will survive?”

Livable Futures especially seeks projects with creative and collaborative approaches and energies. We emphasize art and design-led interventions, active learning and teaching innovations, and meaningful interdisciplinary projects. We take seriously the provocation of the Anthropocene, that climatic and planetary change is upon us and with us, permanently and irrevocably. What, then, can we do as artists, scholars, scientists to take new forms of action?

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