The Body in Code

Over the summer, the Centre Pompidou in Paris mounted an ambitious exhibition Coder le Monde/Coding the World, presenting the history and current state of contemporary digital creation in different disciplines. The curators write “returning to the history of the digital code and the way in which artists have seized it since the advent of the computer in the 1960s, the exhibition reveals a common aesthetic and critical universe that questions our daily life entirely irrigated by digital logics. The exhibition exposes multiple correspondences in the logic of creation and offers a global readability of what constitutes a culture of the digital.”This group show included very detailed timelines of historical landmarks in artistic creation using code. UK artist collective, Troika writes on their site "‘Extending over 500 square metres in the Centre Pompidou’s Galerie 3, the group exhibition “Coder le Monde” offers an introduction to the creative use of code through timelines, installations and screenings, tracing over a period of 40 years the key moments in the emergence of a digital culture that has today become a taken-for-granted part of everyday life. Artists, musicians, writers, architects, and designers in all sorts of fields have pioneered an alternative approach to the digital, and the exhibition includes a space dedicated to live coding that also provides a platform for live presentations. The exhibition is organised in six sections: the Algorists (an international art movement, 1955 to 1975), contemporary music, digital literatures, digital form creation in art, architecture and design, the body and code, and technologies for the visualisation of code and datascapes." The Body in Code timeline featured Synchronous Objects, a project I co-created with Maria Palazzi and William Forsythe in 2009. Several friends and colleagues were also represented in this curated history including ACCAD's Charles Csuri, NYC-based Paul Kaiser and Open Ended Group. The exhibition ran from June 15 - August 27, 2018 and I had an opportunity to visit Paris to see the installation in August. It was an honor and a delight! The World Architecture review of the show is a great overview as is this one from Art Jaws and a catalog is promised soon!

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