Growing Interdisciplinary Practices

Photo Credit: inFORM by the MIT Tangible Media Group and ATLAS faculty, Daniel Leithinger and friends

I just spent a couple of wonderful days at the University of Colorado, Boulder as a member of the advisory board for the Atlas Institute. Atlas describes itself as an "interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention." They seek to synthesize design and technology to amplify innovation in engineering and the arts. They are a wonderful group of creative engineers and are certainly an allied research community for the work we do at Ohio State at ACCAD. I am passionate about interdisciplinary practices and am always looking for ways to be of service in growing cultures of abundance, collaboration and risk-taking like Atlas so serving on the board has been a generative experience. I find many of the Atlas projects compelling and would highlight the nano-tech tattoo research they are doing as well as work on water quality and Ellen Yi-Luen Do's work in tangible media and health and wellness which relates closely to our Humane Technologies projects and programs. I have consulted with am also excited about dance-led interdisciplinary growth and intermedia innovations happening at Barnard College under Gabri Christa's leadership and at the University of Southern California, University of Alabama and Scripps College with the visionaries in their dance departments. Here's to more!

Image Credit: Roser Atlas Center, Boulder, CO

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